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Lesaac Ethiopian Restaurant

We serve clean & authentic Ethiopian food with fresh ingredients accompanied by original flavors. We at Lesaac aim to provide each and every guest with a wholesome cultural experience.

Our food is authentic, flavorful & truly authentic. The tradition, colors, and scents of Ethiopian cuisine make it a very special experience for all. The food served is well flavored with a variety of spices & herbs that are not extremely spicy, but rather well seasoned.



Our menu, hand-crafted by experienced Ethiopian chefs, includes gourmet dishes made with the freshest ingredients, straight from the nearby farmer's market: seasonal fruits and vegetables with most ingredients coming straight from the Ethiopia.

We use the most advanced, sophisticated traditional Ethiopian cooking techniques, guaranteeing that works of true culinary artistry are delivered to your table. We look forward to your visit!!



We offer a wide variety of traditional and healthy Ethiopian cuisine prepared fresh each day by our experienced chefs. In addition to our main dining room, we have a full-service bar area (with TV) featuring special Happy Hour drinks and appetizers from 4-7 pm on Mon-Fri. Outdoor seating is available. We also have a Children’s menu.

We promise an intimate and relaxed dining experience that offers something different to local and foreign patrons and ensures you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.
These are the dishes which our customers always craving for and we know we cooked them like no other.   Fim tibs, Shifinfin, Veggie platters, and Breakfast combo



teff is indeed a very healthy grain and as a huge plus, it is gluten-free. It also has plenty of Lysine, an essential amino acid that increases calcium absorption and helps lower bad cholesterol levels. Its fiber, calcium, potassium and protein contents are excellent. Apparently, one cup of cooked teff has 40% of the recommended daily intake of calcium!

High Protein - High Fiber - Gluten Free - Magnesium - Vitamin B6
Zinc - Calcium - Vitamin C




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